Innovative Thinking. Service Focused. Results Oriented.

Sung & Hwang LLP is a full-service law firm with offices in Howard County, Maryland, and Fairfax County, Virginia. Our clients range from large international companies that hire us to handle their federal court litigation across the United States, to individuals locally who hire us to handle matters in their most trying of times. For each and every one of our clients, we understand that we must not only deliver results, but do so with a focus on customer service that provides the level and type of attention our clients deserve.

Big-Firm Experience With A Focus On Efficiency And Personalized Attention

Our founding attorneys, Charley Sung and Peter Hwang, started this firm after practicing at large international Am Law 100 law firms. While we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing the highest level of service to our clients, we recognize that the typical large-firm business model ignores what most clients really value and need – attorneys who deliver results and provide advice in a manner that addresses client concerns regarding quality, costs and issues specific to the client's personal or business needs. We address these concerns as follows:

All matters are staffed by one attorney or small teams. We are not, nor will we ever be, a firm that leverages associates. We do not have "rainmakers" who spend little time doing work and a majority of their time selling the firm's services. The attorneys you speak and meet with will not only be the ones who are the most qualified to do the work, but will also be the ones actually doing the work. We will not staff matters with under experienced associates who may take longer to do the work, unnecessarily spend time researching matters that should be known by more experienced attorneys, or provide lower-quality work product than what you would expect from the attorney you thought you had hired.

We are flexible with alternative fee arrangements that may be more suitable for our client's needs and circumstances. While we enter into traditional hourly billing arrangements with clients, we prefer arrangements that put the focus on results over process while rewarding success and efficiency. After all, we believe in our own abilities and abide by the belief that attorneys should share some of the financial risks that are inherently borne by clients in any legal matter. Whether that means utilizing flat-fee structures, milestone payments, success fees or contingency fee arrangements, we look to employ fee structures that align the firm's interests with those of our clients and offer a level of cost predictability that traditional hourly-fee arrangements do not provide.

We take (our own nonbillable) time to listen and learn. Clients' big-picture needs require attorneys not only to provide an answer to a particular problem, but to view the problem in the context of broader goals and concerns. If we have not previously represented you, we will take the time to learn about you and/or your business. If we have represented you in the past or have maintained an ongoing attorney-client relationship with you, we will take the time to keep abreast of any issues that may affect you in the future. Not only is this the right thing to do, but the firm's business model relies upon seeking and maintaining long-term relationships with clients, rather than depending upon work on "one-off" matters, because of how matters are staffed. Many of our clients hire us as their general outside counsel to directly address and/or manage other counsel for legal issues as they arise.

Practice Areas

While we are a full-service firm, we are not a firm of general practitioners who are “jacks-of-all trades but masters of none.” Through the years, we have grown carefully and strategically, adding attorneys with expertise in particular areas of law based upon the needs of our clients.

Individualized Service For Every Client

We focus on our clients, providing personal service for every case. All of our clients receive one-on-one counseling with an attorney. Call our offices to schedule an initial consultation with an attorney at 410-772-2324, or schedule an appointment online.